Late last week, medieval strategy title Manor Lords made its PC Game Pass debut, and it's safe to say that the game has gotten off a blistering start so far. The team has been posting all over social media this weekend about its incredible player number feats, just a few days after launch.

On Saturday, publisher Hooded Horse let us all know that Manor Lords had sold 1 million copies at that point, while also showcasing some of the game's concurrent player stats so far - which are pretty amazing to say the least!

Those peak counts have actually hit a slightly higher figure since then according to Steam Charts, and those sales numbers will have surely crept up over the last day or two as well. As you can see above, the team is also claiming that Manor Lords has had the highest-ever peak player counts for a game in the 'city builder' genre - another amazing feat.

Remember, these Steam numbers and sales figures don't include PC Game Pass players either, which will have surely contributed to even higher player counts. Oh, and that reminds us about the game's Xbox console launch - something that has already been confirmed by the team prior to the PC release.

We'll drop a link to everything we know about the game's Xbox launch down below, and in the meantime, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get stuck into the PC version of Manor Lords right now!

Is this all tempting you to get Manor Lords downloaded? Let us know what you think to these stats down in the comments.