Phil Spencer Teases Multiple Games That Weren't Shown In This Year's Xbox Showcase

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been speaking in multiple interviews about the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase over the past few days, and in one of them, he teased a few upcoming projects that weren't featured as part of this year's event.

Speaking to Polygon, Phil was discussing why he's so "humbly confident" about Xbox's first-party portfolio in 2024, explaining that at least a few of the games in this year's Showcase were actually kind of ready to be shown last year:

"I actually don’t have a lot of fear about 2024. 2022 was hard for us. But I think waiting on certain games… Let’s take South of Midnight. Like you saw, the game got announced [during the Xbox Games Showcase]. We had that game ready to announce last year. But we said, let’s keep working on the game."

"Or, let’s take Clockwork [Revolution]. When I was here at E3 last year, I was at inXile playing that game. Not looking at the announcement video, but actually playing that game."

Spencer advised that he feels strongly about 2024 because certain announcements are being made closer to release, and the team also has "confidence in when things are coming out". He then mentioned that he expects the hard work and acquisitions over the past few years to "really pay off" moving forward - "and not just for the next 12 months".

With this in mind, Spencer teased a bunch of upcoming Xbox projects that weren't in attendance at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, including Perfect Dark, Everwild, and secret projects from id Software and The Coalition.

"When I look forward… there are so many things. We haven’t talked about what’s coming from id [Software]. We haven’t talked about what’s coming from The Coalition. When are we going to see Perfect Dark again? And when are we gonna see Everwild again?"

"There are so many things that we still are working on that we haven’t shown. I mean, I don’t like to be confident, but I like to be humbly confident. I feel good about where that portfolio is."

It's all sounding very positive, then, and we can't wait to dig into Starfield and Forza Motorsport later this year, followed by what appears to be a very strong first-party lineup in 2024 as well. Exciting times on the horizon!

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