Xbox first party studio inXile has unveiled a brand-new game at the Xbox Games Showcase - titled Clockwork Revolution. Despite some huge Bioshock Infinite vibes from the game's aesthetic, this is an RPG at heart, as expected from the team behind the Wasteland series.

InXile is a team we've been waiting to hear more from for a while, especially since Xbox acquired it back in 2018 - and this reveal hasn't disappointed us. Steampunk meets first person RPG? Hell yeah, that sounds great!

Anyway, Clockwork Revolution is coming to Xbox "in due time" according to the above trailer; which is hopefully not too far off! Of course, as an Xbox-owned studio now, it'll hit Xbox Game Pass on day one.

"Clockwork Revolution takes place in the vibrant Victorian-era metropolis of Avalon, where steam trains fly overhead, wealthy industrialists replace their limbs with ornate clockwork prosthetics, and mechanical servants fulfill their masters’ every whim."

Does this look like a revolution you'd take part in? We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Clockwork Revolution.