We've still not seen anything more of Xbox and The Initiative's Perfect Dark reboot ever since it was revealed at The Game Awards back in December 2020, but the project has changed a little bit since that original announcement, most notably in the form of Crystal Dynamics (Rise of the Tomb Raider, Marvel's Avengers) officially joining the development team in September of 2021.

Speaking this week as part of the Embracer earnings call (thanks VGC), Crystal Dynamics CEO Phil Rogers had some very positive things to say about the progress on Perfect Dark, revealing the project is coming along "extremely well":

"We’re working on the iconic Perfect Dark game and the project is going extremely well."

“What’s been so promising internally is seeing how our team took on this opportunity, a new way of working. If we think about the future of how we work, collaboration across studios, across time zones, across geographies, across different companies, will all become more common, so it is great to see the team at The Initiative and our team across Crystal studios working so well together.”

So, when are we going to see something more of Perfect Dark? It's anyone's guess at the moment, and although rumours earlier this year suggested it could be coming out in 2023, that doesn't look particularly likely right now.

Perhaps set your release date expectations for 2024, then, but hopefully 2023 at least provides us with a fresh look at the project considering we've remained footage-less for two years now. How about a new trailer at E3 2023...?

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What's Your Perfect Dark Release Year Prediction?

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