Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Seems Extremely Excited About Id Software's Next Game

Lots of Xbox first-party developers were present at Sunday's big showcase, but unfortunately, DOOM developer id Software wasn't one of them. However, the team is being inserted into the conversation anyway, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer seemingly doing his best to mention the studio.

In a sit-down chat with GiantBomb, Xbox's Phil Spencer and Matt Booty were asked about the team's upcoming lineup of games, and which devs/titles get them excited about what's to come. Matt Booty mentioned Halo, before Phil Spencer cheekily whispered "id!" to the show hosts before laughing about his response. Don't do that to us Phil!

Of course, id Software hasn't launched a game since DOOM Eternal in March 2020, so their next project should be well on its way at this stage. There've been rumours that the team could be working on a Quake reboot, however, this response wasn't Phil's only id shoutout this weekend.

During the main show itself, the Xbox boss was rocking a Hexen shirt - Hexen being one of id Software's earlier titles from way, way before the Xbox acquisition of Bethesda. Could some sort of Hexen game be in development? Who knows, but Phil seems pretty excited about whatever id is cooking up.

Which would you pick - Hexen or Quake? Let us know what you hope id Software is working on!