Rumour: Xbox Working On Plan For New Fallout Game 'Sooner Rather Than Later'

Last week, we asked the Pure Xbox community whether you wanted to see Xbox focus on a new Fallout game amidst the hype of the TV show and amazing sales of the franchise right now, and it sounds like that's the plan.

According to Windows Central editor Jez Corden (via a new episode of The Xbox Two podcast), he's heard that plans are being worked on to try and fast-track the next Fallout game so that it arrives "sooner rather than later".

"They're currently formulating plans on how to get the next Fallout here for us sooner rather than later, which I know is vague as hell, but we constantly talk about - "will we see Fallout this decade?" - and the answer is, I think we will."

Corden also went on to suggest that Xbox is in talks about which developer should handle the task of a new Fallout game as things stand, as Bethesda has already begun work on The Elder Scrolls 6 following the release of Starfield.

He speculates that Obsidian might be a good choice for a new Fallout title, but that's not a rumour as things stand. Whatever happens, it'll be interesting to see how things pan out - we'd definitely be interested in a Fallout game ASAP!

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