11 Xbox Game Pass Titles Get New Reveals At April's Indie Showcase

Today's ID@Xbox April 2024 Showcase treated us to some fresh Xbox Game Pass reveals for the likes of Dungeons Of Hinterberg and Immortals 33 - and we also learned of some brand-new Game Pass confirmations for 2024!

Specifically, the brand-new Xbox Game Pass announcements here were for All You Need is Help and Humanity along with five Gamera Games titles, one of which is out today in the form of The Rewinder.

Note: It's since been confirmed that only Volcano Princess and The Rewinder are coming to the console version of Game Pass from Gamera Games, while the other three titles appear to be PC only for now.

We'll throw the complete list of Xbox Game Pass titles from April 2024's Xbox Indie Showcase below:

33 Immortals - Fighting Lucifer Trailer (TBD 2024)

"Want an exclusive look at 33 Immortals' first massive boss, Lucifer? We've got you covered! Game designer Cem Ertekin at Thunder Lotus shares all the details. Get ready to dive into the action and prepare for an epic boss battle!"

Palworld - New Pals Announcement (Summer 2024)

"This summer, new adorable Pals will step into the vast open world of Palworld. Expand your base and prepare yourself to capture them upon their arrival! Stay tuned for more exciting updates as they're just around the corner!"

Commandos: Origins - Gameplay Teaser (Summer 2024)

"ALARM! The legendary real-time tactics franchise returns: Commandos: Origins brings you back to the very first missions of this infamous WWII special unit. Take over control of Green Beret, Sapper and Co, learn how they originally met, and take on more than 10 missions from the barren Arctic to the African desert."

All You Need is Help - Announce Trailer (Fall 2024)

"Dive into a quirky multiplayer co-op puzzle game where adorable, fluffy cube shaped creatures collaborate to reach their goals. These creatures, each oddly shaped, jostle against each other to help solve puzzles together. When in trouble, shout "HELP!" and friends will surely come to your aid. With everyone's strength, turn friendships into friend-shapes!"

Gamera Games - Sizzle Reel Trailer (4 Games Coming Soon, 1 Game Out Today)

"The trailer gives us a look at Keplerth, a 2D sandbox RPG that's coming soon to Game Pass. Prepare the next monarch in Volcano Princess when this parenting-simulator-RPG adventure hits Game Pass. Investigate a mystery in the horror puzzle game when Firework arrives on Game Pass, and see the horrors of Depersonalization in this TRPG that is also coming to Game Pass. Finally, communicate with spirits and explore other people's memories to alter the past in The Rewinder, an adventure puzzle game based on Chinese mythology. The Rewinder is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Game Pass."

Dungeons of Hinterberg - Release Date Announce (July 18, 2024)

"Join us as we explore the murky depths of the marsh dungeons and get a sneak peek at the variety of puzzles awaiting you in Dungeons of Hinterberg! Test your magical prowess and agility as each puzzle pushes you to strategically plan and become the ultimate slayer!"

Vampire Survivors - Update & DLC Trailer (Now / May 9)

"Watch the latest trailer for Vampire Survivors to see the madness that awaits with the Laborratory update, which brings fun content like train mechanics, cart racing (?), and more to the game. The free Laborratory update for Vampire Survivors is available now. Additionally, take a look at gameplay from the upcoming Contra: Operation Guns DLC, available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Game Pass, PC, and Nintendo Switch on May 9, 2024."

Humanity - Release Date Trailer (May 30)

"It's not often a puzzle game quite like HUMANITY comes along. With it's minimal but expressive art direction, adorable ghostly Shiba Inu main character, and an endless library of user-generated content, it’s no surprise why HUMANITY was one of IGN’s highest-reviewed games of 2023. Now that it's headed to Xbox and Game Pass we break down everything you need to know about the puzzler before it launches on Xbox and Game Pass on May 30th, 2024."

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