Rare's next game to launch after the ongoing Sea Of Thieves should be Everwild - at least, that's what we've thought since the title was revealed way back in 2019. We've only seen one more brief look at the game since (trailer up above), however a journalist is claiming that it could be quite different to what was shown off back in 2019 and 2020.

VGC's Andy Robinson has been talking about Rare and its upcoming title in recent days, claiming that the game could closer resemble Viva Piñata than a "survival game".

Now, as you can see in the above Twitter thread, Robinson says that he "hasn't looked into it for a while", so there's every chance that Everwild has changed course again since Robinson's last contact with anyone over at Rare.

Still, this tidbit does intrigue us because to be honest, we never expected Everwild to go in that sort of direction, so we're curious to see where the game is heading in 2023. Let's hope we see more of it at the Xbox Games Showcase, or at least sometime this year.

Do you want to see more of Everwild soon? Let us know where you think Rare will go with this one down below.