Gears Of War Voice Actor 'Hasn't Heard Anything' About Gears 6

We don't seem much closer to learning about Gears 6, folks! While Gears 5 has been out for almost four years at this stage, Xbox hasn't officially revealed the next game in the series, and signs are starting to point towards a fairly long wait for The Coalition's next installment.

The latest hint that leans this way comes from an interview with JD Fenix voice actor Liam McIntyre, who spoke to Dexerto about Gears at a recent Australian convention. Apparently, McIntyre has had no involvement in a new Gears game at this stage.

"I haven't heard anything! And that's genuine. Like it's not even one of those 'I've got an NDA I can't tell you.' I'm like, where we at?"


What adds an extra wrinkle to this whole conversation is that you could choose whether to save JD or his squad mate Del in the Gears 5 campaign. So, does McIntyre's lack of involvement so far mean that saving JD was not the canon choice? Maybe, maybe not!

"I don't know whether or not they're like 'we're about to finish production and I'm sorry you were not the canon choice'."

"I pitched a whole thing where I'm like, we can do both trust me it'll be great..."

Whether JD Fenix will end up being a main character in Gears 6 or not, other reports have also claimed that the game isn't likely to launch anytime soon. Apparently, it only entered full production in recent months as The Coalition began sharpening its focus on the next entry in the series.

What do you make of this interview? Has JD been frozen out of Gears 6? Let us know your thoughts!