Bethesda's recent Starfield Direct was a huge, all-encompassing presentation on what to expect from the upcoming open world RPG, and now Digital Foundry has another 45 minutes of coverage for us all to watch through!

Eurogamer's tech team has gone into a bit more detail on why Starfield is going for a 30FPS frame rate on console, and why it can't really be compared to other current-gen 30FPS releases like Redfall.

Some of this chat goes way over our heads we must admit, but it's an interesting watch nonetheless, and the team over there seems pretty impressed by what they saw at the Xbox Showcase - regardless of the targeted frame rate. Here's a snippet from Eurogamer's own roundup of the Digital Foundry breakdown:

"John [from Digital Foundry] puts forward the argument that a frame-rate target is a design decision..."

"The question is what frame-rate allows you to hit your design goals for the game? In the case of Starfield, it's clear that this is an open-world or even "open universe" game, with item permanence, AI, simulations, and a lot of interlocking systems to create an immersive experience."

"With all of the CPU demands that this sort of a game entails then, dropping the resolution might not have much of an effect on the overall frame-rate. As a developer, you may as well crank up the visuals and embrace that 30fps output for an overall more consistent output..."

The team also mentions the sheer visual fidelity on show here. Bethesda clearly wants to sell the experience of a space-exploration fantasy with Starfield — as mentioned when Todd Howard talked about the game's frame rate — and DF thinks they're doing a pretty good job based on the recent presentation.

"Beyond the frame-rate, John calls out Starfield as being the first truly beautiful game that Bethesda has ever made - and a lot of that comes down to improvements to rendering techniques, particularly the use of real-time global illumination, reflections and motion blur."

Ultimately, we'll see how the experience all comes together in just a few short months, and we're becoming increasingly eager to try this game out for ourselves on Xbox Series X|S. Starfield hits Microsoft's current-get consoles and PC, including through Xbox Game Pass, on September 6, 2023.

Have you had a chance to watch any of this breakdown? Thoughts on their Starfield Discussion? Drop 'em down below.