Since last summer, things have been extremely quiet on Bethesda's huge upcoming sci-fi RPG - and after today's Starfield Direct livestream we know why!

The team at Bethesda Game Studios has just showcased an absolutely massive look at its first new IP in over two decades, with everything from up-close-and-personal gunfights, huge sprawling spaceship battles, NPC-packed city exploration, ship & base building and much, much more.

In fact, we're still trying to take it all in to be quite honest! One of our big takeaways straight up is just how much more complete the game looks following last summer's showcase appearance - Xbox and Bethesda seem to have polished this one up to the nth degree, which is very welcome indeed.

Bethesda's Huge Starfield Direct Gameplay Blowout Is Everything We Wanted

The gunplay in particular looks a lot more impressive, with firefights playing out in a much smoother fashion during this 2023 Starfield showing. We can't wait to see all of the new combat scenarios we'll get into with various character builds and whatnot in the coming months and years.

Speaking of which, let's not forget the sheer scale of Bethesda's brand-new universe either. Todd Howard himself has once again confirmed that the team's new RPG will contain "over 1,000 worlds" in total, and we're maybe even a wee bit scared for how much of our time this game is going to rob. We're kidding, bring on the Starfield!

If you haven't already etched this one into your calendars, Starfield lands on Xbox Series X|S and PC, including Xbox Game Pass day one, on September 6th, 2023.

Was this enough Starfield for y'all? Let us know what you make of this huge gameplay blowout!