id Software Apparently Helped Starfield's Team With Graphics
Image: Bethesda

Starfield is set to be a huge experience, so it's no surprise Bethesda called on some support from other teams throughout the course of development. With this in mind, game director Todd Howard has now specified how exactly the DOOM creators at id Software have helped out on the expansive space RPG.

Speaking to IGN, Howard mentioned how id had previously provided some tips about combat during the development of Fallout 4 which carried over to Starfield. Bethesda then got some assistance from id Software in the graphics department to improve the overall look and feel of the game.

“So we get into motion blur. It's just how the game feels smooth. Some of the things that they do in id Tech that we wanted to bring over into Creation Engine 2, and they helped us do that, and you know, it's great.”

Todd also describes himself as a "huge" DOOM fan, and mentioned how he was able to get an "early look" at what's next for id Software, but he obviously wasn't able to elaborate on this. It follows Xbox boss Phil Spencer showing off his Hexen shirt earlier this week and also teasing id's next project.

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