The Outer Worlds 2 Will Seemingly Use Unreal Engine 5

The Outer Worlds 2 is a long ways off - the initial teaser trailer even said so. That being said, development appears to be underway on the next iteration in the space RPG series, and a recent job listing could suggest the game is being built in Unreal Engine 5.

On developer Obsidian's website, a listing for a Houdini Technical Artist has emerged. Amongst the usual jargon, there's a few little bits which pinpoint the team is moving to Unreal Engine 5. Outside of the team looking for someone to work on "next-gen RPG development in Unreal Engine", it's seeking someone to "test and debug world-building issues in Houdini and Unreal Engine 4/5".

However, it seems the project is leaning more towards Unreal Engine 5, as a further requirement is someone who has "an understanding of new features coming in UE5". While it could be easy to think the project referenced is Obsidian's other upcoming RPG Avowed, development on said game has already been underway for some time, which pushes it closer towards being The Outer Worlds 2.

It makes sense the team would want to go all out on the sequel. Results of the first game from Take-Two's earning report earlier this week revealed the original has hit over 4 million total sales - a million more compared to last quarter. The announcement of the sequel could have played a part in the sudden increase.

We're probably going to see a wave of developers announce they're heading on over to Unreal Engine 5. The Coalition has already confirmed it's using the software, even going as far to provide a technical demonstration of it in action. InXile Entertainment and Ninja Theory have also confirmed they'll be moving over to the improved graphics engine. It certainly sounds like we'll have some stunning next-gen titles coming in a few years.

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