It's here! After teasing a few screenshots the other week, Gears 5 developer The Coalition has finally unveiled the "Alpha Point" Unreal Engine 5 demo today, which aims to showcase the potential of UE5 on Xbox Series X (and Series S).

The full 60-minute "making of" video can be found over on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel, but Xbox has condensed these UE5 tests into a couple of short videos, one of which is the technical demo you see above.

Here's how the video is described according to The Coalition:

"An insight into what's possible with #UE5, from its next-gen features such as Nanite, which allows for unlimited triangle budget, and Lumen, which allows real-time lighting with none of the traditional overhead tasks."

In addition, a rendering test video (which you see below) gives us a look at next-gen character creation:

The Coalition says it's "excited to be on the leading edge of the future of next-gen gaming", and while neither of these videos represent real games, they indicate "bits of discovery on what’s possible" with Unreal Engine 5.

We've seen a few examples of Unreal Engine 5 across Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 now, and everything we've seen has been highly impressive. The future looks bright, and we can't wait to see what creators come up with!

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