Wasteland 3
Image: InXile, Wasteland 3

Back in March, developer InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 3) confirmed that it was working on an "ambitious" RPG, and now more details about the game have appeared to surface via a job advert.

As originally pointed out by Resetera user SamaGing, InXile Lead Combat Designer Dean Rymer (who formerly worked on God of War) recently advertised roles for a "Microsoft first-party, next-gen, AAA, Unreal Engine 5" project.

Taking a look at these roles further, it's apparent that InXile is working on a next-generation action-RPG, and is currently hiring for various positions including an Environment Artist, Combat Designer, Narrative Designer and others.

It could be some time until we hear more about this one officially, but in the meantime, InXile is also gearing up to release RPG Wasteland 3 which launches for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass this August.

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[source inxile.bamboohr.com, via twitter.com]