Steam's Most Highly-Anticipated Releases Are Nearly All Xbox Game Pass Titles
Image: Payday 3

When it comes to PC gaming, one of the best ways to measure which titles people are most excited for is via the Steam "Top Wishlists" page, which ranks every upcoming release by how many times it's been added to a user's wishlist.

Looking at the list right now, it's fantastic news for Xbox Game Pass members! As of June 2023, seven out of the ten most wishlisted games on the Steam platform are set to launch on Xbox and PC Game Pass as well (thanks to Klobrille for highlighting this!).

Here's the full list as it stands today:

  1. Starfield (Xbox Game Pass)
  2. Hollow Knight: Silksong (Xbox Game Pass)
  3. Party Animals (Xbox Game Pass)
  4. Manor Lords
  5. Hades 2
  6. Payday 3 (Xbox Game Pass)
  7. Stalker 2 (Xbox Game Pass)
  8. Frostpunk 2
  9. Ark 2 (Xbox Game Pass)
  10. Cities: Skylines 2 (Xbox Game Pass)

Since we last looked at this list back in March, we've seen the addition of Payday 3 and Cities: Skylines 2, both of which were recently announced to be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch - that's two big wins for Microsoft right there!

Of course, sales on Steam aren't going to help Team Xbox (aside from in the case of Starfield), but the hope will be that enough people will continue signing up to the rapidly growing PC Game Pass service to play these games at no extra charge when they arrive over the 12 months-or-so. It'll be cheaper than buying them all separately!

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