xbox game pass day one 2023

Xbox Game Pass has a big year ahead of it, especially with major Xbox exclusives like Redfall, Starfield and Forza Motorsport finally landing on Microsoft's subscription service in 2023.

However, we know about a decent selection of third-party titles launching day one as well, including Stalker 2 and Hollow Knight: Silksong, amongst others. It appears that a combination of the two are proving hugely popular on the PC platform Steam prior to launch, showcasing that Xbox has a hugely anticipated upcoming lineup.

As spotted by Xbox superfan Klobrille, five out of the current top ten wishlisted games on Steam right now are a part Xbox's Game Pass lineup in 2023 - including Starfield, to no real surprise. Here's the list at the time of writing:

  1. Starfield (Xbox Game Pass)
  2. Dark and Darker
  3. Party Animals (Xbox Game Pass)
  4. Hollow Knight: Silksong (Xbox Game Pass)
  5. Manor Lords
  6. Stalker 2 (Xbox Game Pass)
  7. Frostpunk 2
  8. The Last Of Us Part 1
  9. ARK 2 (Xbox Game Pass)
  10. Hades 2

We are somewhat surprised to see how high Party Animals is charting here, but clearly, that and plenty of other highly anticipated PC titles are going to contribute to a big year for Xbox Game Pass.

Are any of these on your anticipated lists? Let us know down in the comments!