Just a few days ago, we reported on Payday 3 and its upcoming leaked release date; and that information turned out to be accurate. Payday 3 is indeed coming to Xbox Series X and S on September 21st, and guess what - it's another day one Game Pass release!

Yep, Starbreeze's long-in-development sequel has been confirmed to launch on Xbox Game Pass as the team delivers its first in-game look at the title. You can check out the gameplay reveal trailer up above.

And here's some fresh info on this upcoming co-op shooter ahead of its big Xbox launch in just a few short months:

"Step out of retirement back into the life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law-enforcement wherever they go. Several years after the crew’s reign of terror over Washington DC has ended, they assemble once again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement."

Are you hopping into some heists on Game Pass this September? Let us know in the comments!