343 Has Re-Worked 9 Maps For Infection's Return To Halo Infinite

In a new blog post, 343 Industries has announced that campaign AI is coming to Halo Infinite's Forge mode in the future. The idea of adding AI to help with PvE creations has been floating around for months, but the Halo dev has now officially committed to the feature as Season 4 approaches.

When talking about community game modes and "building for the future", 343 had this to say:

"Phase Shift, a Slayer mode where players can ‘phase’ between two slightly different versions of the same map, is quite good and has been a favorite for many 343 devs. Players will see Husky Raid, another community favorite, make its debut in a Halo Infinite playlist this summer.

Further down the line we’ll be introducing the Forge AI Toolkit, which allows players to spawn and manage campaign AI in Forge. I think a lot of interesting experiences are going to spring out of that functionality – all with the potential to become a staple mode in Halo Infinite."

This sounds very promising, and we'd absolutely be up for fans creating (and devs curating) some cool PvE experiences in Halo Infinite. After all, it seems that we won't be getting any campaign DLC for the foreseeable future.

While this feature is planned for the future, Season 4 of Halo Infinite is being headlined by the return of the fan-favourite Infection mode - a game mode that originated all the way back in Halo 2. While it's admittedly taken a while for Infection to make its comeback, 343 has taken some time to explain why the mode's return took so much time and effort.

Not only did the dev team feel it was 'honoring a legacy' by taking its time to bring back Infection in a big way, they also had to re-work nine of the game's maps in order to make it function. That's a lot of re-working!

"We made special versions of 9 maps to support the theme and the gameplay for the mode, and make it feel like something unique to Infection: Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Chasm, Cliffhanger, Forest, Launch Site, Recharge and Streets have all been reworked to fit the theme.

We created barricades to change the gameplay flow to familiar maps. We also added new sections, for example Behemoth has new tunnels underneath and you can access the back alleys in Streets."

Season 4 sounds like it's going to be a blast then, and the promise of campaign AI coming to Forge mode makes us even more excited for the future of Halo Infinite.

Would you be down for some PvE experiences coming out of Halo Infinite Forge? Let us know what creations you'd like to see!

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