Halo Infinite Campaign DLC Reportedly 'Never Existed', Multiplayer Live Service The Focus

Prior to 343 Industries' recent statement regarding the future of the Halo series, rumours were swirling that the team had scaled back its Halo Infinite post-launch plans following a series of layoffs over at Microsoft. However, new reports are suggesting those rumours were false, and that 343's DLC plans were being misreported in the first place.

Over on Twitter, Windows Central's Jez Corden wrote this regarding Halo Infinite "campaign DLC":

"From what I've heard via multiple sources, Halo Infinite's "campaign DLC" never existed beyond conversations. Focus has been entirely on live service."

In short, Corden believes there was never any real single player add-on plans over at 343 Industries, and that a multiplayer live service was always the focus. For now, that focus is indeed all we've seen from the team, as no campaign content has been added since launch.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has posted similar reports over on ResetEra. Schreier says 343 is "focused on multiplayer" and that he doesn't think much extra campaign content was ever planned in the first place.

"I ran these bullet points by a few people. While it's true that 343 is focused on multiplayer, the stuff about campaign DLC being scrapped is false (I don't think there was much of that planned in the first place), and a lot of this is either wrong or just speculation."

We'd have enjoyed more single-player content for Halo Infinite to be honest, but if these reports are true, they're not all that surprising. Halo doesn't have a huge history with single player DLC, outside of the Halo 3 spin-off - Halo 3: ODST.

Would you have liked to play more Halo Infinite campaign content? Let us know!

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