Soapbox: I Hope Halo Infinite's New Progression System Keeps Me Hooked For Good

Halo Infinite has had an attention retention problem pretty much since launch back in late 2021. 343's latest Halo title has the best core mechanics that the team has ever produced, but there's just something missing when it comes to keeping me hooked and wanting to play for hours on end.

I don't seem to be alone in that thought either. One of the community's biggest concerns as the game's live service has grown is the lack of player progression outside of the battle pass system. Brilliant core gameplay is one thing, but with tons of multiplayer live service titles on the market, we all need a reason to keep jumping back into Halo Infinite each week.

So, are our prayers about to be answered? I certainly hope so! The development team has finally revealed that a proper career ranking system is on the way for Halo Infinite - arriving on June 20th alongside Season 4. We've been waiting a while as Halo fans, but a proper progression system is coming!

And, well, I'm using this soapbox as a way to just voice my feelings on how much I want this to be a success for the team, and how much I want to get properly hooked on Halo Infinite again. This game's mechanics deserve to be enjoyed by many, and for years to come - it's just felt like we've always needed that extra something to keep us all coming back for more.

Part of the reason that this has been on my mind today is Call of Duty's own Season 4 reveal from yesterday. I've been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2 since the game dropped last November, but I think my patience with the multiplayer over there is coming to an end - I'm just done with CoD until the next game I reckon! I sincerely hope that Halo Infinite's new ranks can establish the game as my go-to live service FPS for the time being. I need a break from Call of Duty!

I'm liking the sound of 343's new system as well. The game's progression will simply be tied to playing the game — with bonuses for performing well in matches — so, there's no silly random-challenge-nonsense where you're forced to play in a certain way. Just good old time-based ranking that'll hopefully lead to a 'one more game' feel with Halo Infinite.

Season 4 arrives on June 20th, and here at PX we're expecting 343i to show off the new content that's coming (alongside the ranking system) at the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday. Will you be joining us in tuning in for news on Halo Infinite this weekend?

Are you planning on giving Halo's upcoming progression overhaul a whirl? Let us know down below!