Forge Is Getting Some Major Updates With Season 4 Of Halo Infinite

We know that Season 4 is going to be a big one for Halo Infinite, with a brand-new progression system making its debut later this month. Now though, the team at 343 has unveiled what's changing for Forge mode during the coming season, and it's sounding like a solid set of improvements and new features for Halo Infinite's community-led toolset.

The headline feature here is that the team is adding minigame support to Forge mode. This feature allows avid Forge builders to create modes from scratch, with no previous game logic tied to them - allowing users to basically make whatever game modes they want.

A major Forge visual feature is coming in Season 4 too: water. 343 is going to allow users to add water planes to their maps and creations - a first for any version of Halo forge. For the moment the water planes will be "static", but the team has plans to add "dynamic volume" water options in future. Here's a pair of in-game images showing the difference when water is added to a level:

There are a bunch more nitty gritty Forge features coming with Halo Infinite Season 4 as well, including budget improvements, additional options for VFX features, and a universal "blocker object" to make it easier for folks to build map barriers and polish up their creations for community use.

You can read more about the new Forge features in 343's community blog post ahead of Season 4's arrival on June 20th.

Are you planning on playing more Halo Infinite next season? Let us know your plans!