Xbox's long-awaited new Chromium-based Edge browser finally released last week, and we knew it wouldn't be long until Xbox users found new ways to utilise its capabilities to play different types of games on their consoles.

Popular YouTuber MVG (Modern Vintage Gamer) is the first to highlight the new emulation capabilities with the browser, pointing out that lots of PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, SEGA Genesis and other games work really well on the new Edge. The downside? You can't play them legally, as there's no way of loading your own games via browser.

Instead, you have to rely on sites that already host those games (which we're not going to link to here), but the video is a fascinating watch nonetheless, showcasing that the likes of F-Zero and Tekken 3 run at almost full speed.

It's not just emulation, of course, as there are plenty of other web-based games that work just fine with the new browser, and thanks to the addition of mouse and keyboard support, the likes of Quake JS work perfectly on the Xbox Series X and Series S as well. That's not to mention something like Google Stadia, which is also supported.

What have you been using the new Xbox browser for so far? Let us know down in the comments below.