We've come across a very neat trick! The classic Nintendo game Super Mario 64 is actually playable on your Xbox right now, and it doesn't require any kind of emulation tools or special apps.

Back in April, our sister site Nintendo Life highlighted how Super Mario 64 was now playable via a browser (it's called Super Mario 64: Browser Edition), but we assumed Xbox's outdated Microsoft Edge app would struggle to run it.

However, after a couple of tests, we've managed to get it playing in the old version of Xbox's internet browser (soon to be updated to the Chromium version), and it runs pretty well. Here's how to get it working:

How To Play Super Mario 64 On Xbox

  1. Go to the Super Mario 64: Browser Edition website
  2. When you get to the start screen, press the 'Menu' button
  3. You'll get a prompt to switch to browser controls, but ignore this
  4. Press 'B' to close this prompt, and then the 'Menu' button again as quickly as possible
  5. If you did it quickly enough, you should be able to progress and start the game

We've played around a bit and got the first star, and despite some minor performance issues, Super Mario 64 really does run pretty well on Xbox! We're assuming the upcoming Chromium version of Edge will run it even better.

We do have to give thanks to RandomAccessRaul on Reddit for the initial idea, who posted a short video showing Super Mario 64 in action on Xbox yesterday, which you can watch above. This is a very cool little discovery!

Have you tried playing Super Mario 64 on Xbox yet? Give your impressions on it in the comments below.

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