Whataburger Is Giving Away This Ridiculous Custom Xbox Series X

There are some pretty insane Xbox Series X designs out there, but this custom Whataburger console may be one of the strangest we've seen so far.

You heard that right. The American fast food chain has collaborated with Twitch streamer Nmplol to bring this opportunity to fans. Sporting an eye-catching orange design in line with the restaurant's iconic colouring, the console is covered in imagery relating to the brand that fans will no doubt be drooling over.

Unfortunately, the full details on how to enter are a bit ambiguous at present. Nmplol has told fans to "come watch" on September 28, which we assume will be their Twitch stream.

This is one of many custom Xbox Series X systems that have been created since its release. A stunning Cyberpunk 2077 console was forged by a fan last year and even the American fast food chain Bojangles created their own to give away. The Xbox Series S has also had the same treatment, with a custom system made to promote the Ryan Reynolds movie, Free Guy.

While these are some truly unique designs, we're pretty happy with how our standard Xbox Series Xs for now. That said, the upcoming special edition Halo Infinite is calling to us...

Any thoughts on this Whatburger Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments below.

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