Undead Labs May Be Using Unreal Engine 5 To Create State Of Decay 3

If you thought Unreal Engine 5 running on an Xbox Series X was looking impressive, then the news of Undead Labs possibly using those tools to build State of Decay 3 may be very exciting.

The news of a possible upgrade comes through a recent job listing at the studio. A position for a sound designer points towards the developer moving to Unreal Engine 5 - a step up from Unreal Engine 4 which was used for State of Decay 2.

As per the job listing, the developer is looking for someone to "implement audio through Blueprints" - a learning tool bundled along with Unreal Engine. But more interestingly, the term 'UE5' can be seen in brackets next to the requirement, obviously standing for Unreal Engine 5.

If this is the case, State of Decay 3 will join upcoming games such as Hellblade 2 in using Unreal Engine 5. Along with this, The Coalition and InXile Entertainment have also confirmed their future projects will be moving into the next iteration of the iconic engine.

Of course, this is going to bring vastly more graphically demanding games to Xbox, complete with stunning new effects. The Coalition's recent tech demo using Unreal Engine 5 was pretty impressive, so we're excited to see how these results transpire into fully-fledged games for us to play.

Would you like to see State of Decay 3 use Unreal Engine 5? Drop us a comment and let us know.

[source undeadlabs.bamboohr.com]