Random: Halo 3's Artwork Has Been Reimagined With Halo Infinite

Ever wondered what a mixture of Halo 3 and Halo Infinite would be like? Of course you have. Well, one user has created a mock-up of the two titles, infusing the Master Chief armour from Halo Infinite into the Halo 3 key art.

This beautifully rendered image by Twitter user FLETCH has digitally imposed the highly detailed Halo Infinite armour (taken from Fortnite, nonetheless), and placed it against the iconic backdrop of Halo 3. The results are excellent, and the comparison does a great job of highlighting the differences between the two models.

Halo Infinite is expected to launch this Fall and fans are clearly excited over the prospect of a new entry. Huge development updates have been promised over the coming months, which will drop new details on the game. One recent example was the team revealing it has completed 90% of the sandbox content within Halo Infinite.

What do you make of the reimagined Halo 3 artwork? Give us your thoughts down below.

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