Sniper Elite 5: All Hidden Items Locations

If you've been getting stuck into the excellent Sniper Elite 5 recently you'll have no doubt been busy hoovering up the many collectibles that are hidden in and around its main campaign missions.

We've prepared guides for all Hidden Items locations in Sniper Elite 5, complete with maps and details on where to find each of them. There are 24 Hidden Items in Sniper Elite 5, and we're going to help you locate them all.

Let's take a look at how to find all Hidden Items locations in Sniper Elite 5:

Sniper Elite 5: All Hidden Items Locations

Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall

Hidden Item #1: Resistance Photo

Hidden Item #2: Radio Tin

Hidden Item #3: FFI Flag

Mission 2: Occupied Residence

Hidden Item #1: Old Man Statuette

Hidden Item #2: Group Statuette

Hidden Item #3: Soldier Statuette

Mission 3: Spy Academy

Hidden Item #1: Kriegsmarine Playing Cards

Hidden Item #2: Ornate Compass

Hidden Item #3: Covert Ops Field Manual

Mission 4: War Factory

Hidden Item #1: Gold Pocket Watch

Hidden Item #2: Stealth Plating

Hidden Item #3: P.1000 Ratte Plans

Mission 5: Festung Guernsey

Hidden Item #1: TODT Uniform Badge

Hidden Item #2: Crystal Radio

Hidden Item #3: Comfort Bag

Mission 6: Liberation

Hidden Item #1: Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Hidden Item #2: Stolen Medals

Hidden Items #3: Engraved Lighter

Mission 7: Secret Weapons

Hidden Item #1: Peenemunde Lab ID

Hidden Item #2: Luftwaffe Playing Cards

Hidden Item #3: Prufstand XII Plans

Mission 8: Rubble And Ruin

Hidden Item #1: Stolen Tanto

Hidden Item #2: I-400 V2 Hanger

Hidden Item #3: An Original Adolf

Mission 9: Loose Ends

There are no collectibles in Mission 9: Loose Ends

Mission 10: Wolf Mountain (DLC Mission)

We're still working on this one, check back soon!

Need any help with hidden items locations in Sniper Elite 5? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our full Sniper Elite 5 collectibles guide for lots more help with the game!