Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5 Collectible Locations: Festung Guernsey

Hello and welcome to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles locations guide for Mission 5, Festung Guernsey. Here we'll be helping you locate all Stone Eagles, Classified Documents, Workbenches, Personal Letters, and Hidden Items you're having a hard time getting your hands on via in-game pics and maps showing you exactly where these tricky collectibles are hiding.

Whether you're looking for the last stone eagle in a mission, some intel that you can't quite find or some other item that's you giving trouble, we've got the info you need to locate all Sniper Elite 5 collectibles.

We're on to mission five now, so let's get started. There are 19 collectibles in Mission 5: Festung Guernsey, broken down into 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Stone Eagles and 3 Workbenches, and we're going to guide you towards finding them all!

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Sniper Elite 5: Mission 5 - All Festung Guernsey Collectibles Locations

Personal Letters

Personal Letters: No Need To Worry

On the second floor of this building that you can find in the pinpointed location on our map, you'll find this collectible on a table in the middle of the room.

Personal Letters: Getting Off The Island

Both this and Comfort Bag can be found down a wooden ladder in a small stone farmhouse located in the position pinpointed below.

Personal Letters: Confiscated Goods

Head to the location we've pinpointed in our map and look for a guard who's dressed in brown here. Kill him and search his body to nab this one. Simple.

Personal Letters: Escaping Islanders

In the tower structure to the west of the starting area, as marked in our map below, head into the structure and keep going up until you reach a room containing this intel, it’s on the second from top floor.

Personal Letters: Harass The Huns

In the small building pinpointed in our map, crawl under the piece of wood inside to find some steps down to a resistance hideout with both this letter and the SMG Workbench.

Classified Documents

Classified Documents: Grin And Bear It!

This piece of intel can be found in the safe that’s in a locked room in the radio comms tower at the beginning of the mission. In order to get into the room you’ll need to climb up from the outside, as we’ve shown below, and you can either blow the safe or take a code from an officer wandering around in the same building.

Classified Documents: Cut Costs Cost Lives

In the secret facility base, shown on the map below, head for the icon directing you to Kapitan Fischer’s safe. You’ll find this intel on a desk in this room.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5 Collectible Locations: Festung Guernsey 29

Classified Documents: Oafish Officers

Enter the tunnel area towards the underground hospital in the location we’ve marked out on our map below. Once in the tunnel you need to head into a room that’s one of the first open doors on your right-hand side, watch out for officers in the opposite doorway as go in.

Classified Documents: Transport Troubles

Keep moving along the main corridor, or off it to stay hidden, in the underground hospital area. Once you’ve reached the office area at the end of the tunnel you’ll find this intel on a table.

Classified Documents: Drastic Measures

In the heavily guarded tower in the area marked on our map, you’ll find this intel on a desk on the ground floor.

Hidden Items

Hidden Items: TODT Uniform Badge

This collectible can be found on a table in a small wooden shack overlooking the cement construction area, as marked in the map below.

Hidden Items: Crystal Radio

Both this and Getting Off The Island can be found down a wooden ladder in a small stone farmhouse located in the position pinpointed below.

Hidden Items: Comfort Bag

You’ll find this collectible item in the corner bedroom of a farmhouse in right in the centre of the mission map, as indicated below.

Stone Eagles

Stone Eagle #1

Off to the far left as you start the mission, swing yourself around and get your scope zoomed to see this one way off in the distance above a huge concrete fortress.

Stone Eagle #2

The second stone eagle on this map is atop a church right in the centre of the mission area. An easy target.

Stone Eagle #3

Off to the north east of the map, as shown on our map and pics, this stone eagle is quite hard to find on a small concrete structure.


Rifle Workbench

In the turret of the same church that had the second stone eagle on top of it. You’ll need to climb up the side of the tower to access this small room.

SMG Workbench

In the small little building we've pinpointed in our map, you need to go inside and crawl under a piece of wood to reach steps down to a resistance hideout. Here you'll find this bench alongside the Harass The Huns personal letter.

Pistol Workbench

Check the map below for the location of this well hidden workbench, it’s in a tunnel area that’s right beside an AA gun in this small base area directly to the east of the level’s hidden facility objective

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