Sniper Elite 5 Mission 4 Collectible Locations: War Factory

Hello and welcome to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles locations guide for Mission 4, War Factory. Here we'll be helping you locate all Stone Eagles, Classified Documents, Workbenches, Personal Letters, and Hidden Items you're having a hard time getting your hands on via in-game pics and maps showing you exactly where these tricky collectibles are hiding.

Whether you're looking for the last stone eagle in a mission, some intel that you can't quite find or some other item that's you giving trouble, we've got the info you need to locate all Sniper Elite 5 collectibles.

We're onto the fourth mission now, so let's get stuck in! There are 19 collectibles in Mission 4: War Factory, broken down into 6 Personal Letters, 4 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Stone Eagles and 3 Workbenches, and we're going to guide you towards finding them all!

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Sniper Elite 5: Mission 4 - All War Factory Collectibles Locations

Personal Letters

Personal Letters: Klaus, You Idiot

You’ll find this first piece of intel by heading off to the west of the map from your starting location, make your way across the walkway of the dam, takin gout the one or two guards you encounter and you’ll come to a gatehouse building with the item you seek on a desk.

Personal Letters: The Suspense

After grabbing the last piece of intel, keep moving straight along the thin walkway until you come to the building ahead, enter through one of the open windows and take care of a few guards here. Then head off to the left side on the upper floor onto which you’ve entered and you’ll find a control room with your intel awaiting.

Personal Letters: Sheer's Notebook

This intel can be found in an office in the blast furnace complex, specifically in the area we've highlighted in our map. An easy way to get here is to use the tunnel that connects the furnace to the steelworks, otherwise just work your way up the central steps, taking care for guards as you go.

Personal Letters: Losing The Time

Head to the steelworks and you'll find these documents upstairs in a small office as marked in the pic and map below.

Personal Letters: Your Order Awaits

You can find this one in the location we've pinpointed in our map, on the ground floor of this building tucked away in a corner.

Personal Letters: Ehrlich's Done For

This collectible is hidden in an office in the abandoned railroad warehouse that we've marked in our map below. This room also doubles as a new mission start point once you've unlocked it.

Classified Documents

Classified Documents: Shipping Orders

You'll find this intel in the safe in the logistics office!

Classified Documents: No More Games

You'll find this document on a stack of wood in the scrapyard area in the north of the map. Check out our pics for the exact location.

Classified Documents: Bureaucratic Oaf!

This one is well hidden in a little room that needs to be accessed via ladder and walkway. It's in the location we've marked and detailed in the map and pics below.

Classified Documents: Increase Security

This item can be found in a control room at the back of the building we've highlighted in our map. Break open the door of the room to enter and nab this from a table.

Hidden Items

Hidden Item: Gold Pocket Watch

You can find this item in the junkyard area to the north of the map, as shown below, it's resting on a surface beside a sabotageable engine.

Hidden Item: Stealth Plating

You can find this collectible sat on some crates on the ground floor of the logistics office, as shown in our map and pics below.

Hidden Item: P.1000 Ratte Plans

As marked in the map below, you can find this well hidden collectible on the second level of the large warehouse at the very south of the map. Head up here and you'll find it sat on some wooden crates.

Stone Eagles

Stone Eagle #1

This first stone eagle can be found by turning around and looking out across the map from the location we’ve pinpointed and pictured below. It’s off to the right of the starting area.

Stone Eagle #2

You can find this stone eagle perched atop the blast furnace complex as highlighted and pictured below. To get an easy shot at it we took the right zipline down to the overgrown area at the start of the level and sniped across to the complex.

Stone Eagle #3

Check out the pics and map below for the location of this one, hidden right off the playable mission area to the south. Very sneaky!


Rifle Workbench

This workbench is well hidden down some steps in the building that we’ve pinpointed below. Once in this area look for a door that needs satchel charges or a key to open, then move in to find the steps you’re looking for directly beneath one of several white crosses painted on the wall.

SMG Workbench

The SMG workbench in this is mission is located in the armoury which we've pinpointed in our map. You can get a key from a nearby guard or blow the door. Look out for one of your high value targets in this area too, and an armoured car that's circling the road beneath you.

Pistol Workbench

You’ll find this workbench in the location we’ve marked out below, it’s off to the right side of the vat that you need to destroy in this area as one of your objectives. Simply nab the key to unlock the door from a nearby officer or blow it open with a satchel charge.

And that's it for this collectibles guide. Make sure to head over to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles guide hub for collectible locations maps for the rest of the game's missions!