Sniper Elite 5 Mission 3 Collectible Locations: Spy Academy

Hello and welcome to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles locations guide for Mission 3, Spy Academy. Here we'll be helping you locate all Stone Eagles, Classified Documents, Workbenches, Personal Letters, and Hidden Items you're having a hard time getting your hands on via in-game pics and maps showing you exactly where these tricky collectibles are hiding.

Whether you're looking for the last stone eagle in a mission, some intel that you can't quite find or some other item that's you giving trouble, we've got the info you need to locate all Sniper Elite 5 collectibles.

We're on to the third mission now, so let's get started. There are 19 collectibles in Mission 3: Spy Academy, broken down into 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Stone Eagles and 3 Workbenches, and we're going to guide you towards finding them all!

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Sniper Elite 5: Mission 3 - All Spy Academy Collectibles Locations

Personal Letters

Personal Letter: Parking Problems

This one is in a bin right beside the white staff Nazi car in the location we've pinpointed in our map to the west of the town, just up off the shore.

Personal Letter: Fragile, Do Not Break

This personal letter can be found on a crate beside a truck in the position we’ve marked below. You’ll need to backtrack along a road to find it.

Personal Letter: Do Not Be Late!

You’ll need to kill a patrolling officer in the east area of the map, we’ve pictured where we found him below, in order to find out this info. He generally moves around the vicinity of the white Nazi staff car you’ll find parked up here.

Personal Letter: It's Easy Money

You'll find this collectible piece of intel right out to the east of the mission map, as indicated by the white locator icon in our map below. You'll need to keep moving up and around a few sets of steps along the town's outer wall and watch for the sniper that inhabits the room in which you'll find this one.

Personal Letter: Just Attend One!

Another bit of intel that you’ll get your hands on by killing an officer, and you’ll find this guy in the area where we’ve put our white icon in the map below. This large church is teeming with enemies so beware, and we found the guy with the goods up a staircase headed for the top level of this structure.

Classified Documents

Classified Documents: Priority Package!

You’ll find this document in a small indoor area beside a window that’s located where we’ve indicated in our map below.

Classified Documents: Won't Be Attending

Both this intel and Armoury Exposed can be found in the room shown below. You'll need to investigate the east side of the map in the area we've highlighted on our map, taking a few staircases up to reach this one. Watch out for snipers in this area!

Classified Documents: Training Scenarios

You'll find this intel in the Spy Master's office, which is in the location marked below. Look out while in this room for a safe containing another collectible.

Classified Documents: Resource Request

This intel is located at the top of the church building that we’ve highlighted with our icon in the map below. Work your way up to the top and take out the sniper who’s nestled in here. Grab the intel and make use of the zipline to escape if you’ve attracted lots attention like we had!

Classified Documents: Armoury Exposed

Both this intel and Won't Be Attending can be found in the room shown below. You'll need to investigate the east side of the map in the area we've highlighted on our map, taking a few staircases up to reach this one. Watch out for snipers in this area!

Hidden Items

Hidden Item: Kriegsmarine Playing Cards

This set of cards can be found in a café on the second street level in the west of the map, as indicated precisely by the white player location in the map below. The cards are on a table in the back of the café, as pictured.

Hidden Item: Ornate Compass

You'll find this collectible in the safe in the spymaster's office, as located in the map below. You can collect the safe code off a random officer wandering around the vicinity or blow the door off with a satchel charge.

Hidden Item: Covert Ops Field Manual

This document can be found in the large building we've pinpointed below. It's on the ground floor on a table. This is the same building you'll go to in order to complete the "eliminate the academy instructor" side mission.

Stone Eagles

Stone Eagle #1

The first stone eagle on this map can be found right at the opening of the level, take aim at the town ahead of you from the sandy banks in the starting zone and aim to the left, you’ll find this one hiding in the spot pictured and highlighted on our map below.

Stone Eagle #2

You'll find this eagle in the location we've pinpointed below, it's jutting out from the top of a building as you make your way up the area's windy cobbled streets towards the cathedral.

Stone Eagle #3

This one is very well hidden on top of a stone ruin at the very northern tip of the mission map, near to your exfil point. We’ve pinpointed it exactly in our map below.


Rifle Workbench

This workbench is located in the exact area pinpointed by our icon in the map below. You’ll need to climb a series of vines to reach the room in which you’ll find this one, and you’ll find the beginning of your climbing route on the path towards your exfil point.

SMG Workbench

This next workbench is fairly well hidden and you'll need to find your way down into the little resistance area in which it's hidden. Head to the spot we've marked with the white icon in our map below and then have a look around for the climbable piece of wall that we've pictured (look for the red car in the street if you're having trouble). Climb up here and head in the door and down the tunnel to grab this one!

Pistol Workbench

You’ll find this bench in the armoury that we’ve located with our icon in the map below. As usual you can find the key for the door to this room, the officer who’s got it is patrolling the streets nearby, or blow it open with a satchel charge.

And that's it for this collectibles guide. Make sure to head over to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles guide hub for collectible locations maps for the rest of the game's missions!