Sniper Elite 5 Collectibles Walkthough: All Personal Letters, Classified Documents, Hidden Items, Stone Eagles And Workbench Locations

Hello, and welcome to our Sniper Elite 5 all collectibles guide where we'll be detailing the locations of all Sniper Elite 5 collectibles, including all Stone Eagles locations, Classified Documents locations, Workbench locations, Personal Letters locations, and Hidden Items locations.

We'll be carefully moving through Karl Fairburne's latest adventure on a mission by mission basis in order to provide you with exact map locations and pics to help guide you to each and every one of the collectibles included in the game's huge campaign levels. There are a total of 152 collectibles in Sniper Elite 5, and we're going to help you find them all.

In order to make use of our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles maps in the following walkthrough guide, look out for the white placement icon which we've put in the exact location of each collectible, alongside a detailed description of where you need to go.

Ok, let's get stuck in!

Sniper Elite 5 - Mission-By-Mission Collectibles & Maps

Mission 9: Loose Ends is the final mission in the game and has got 0 collectibles

Sniper Elite 5 - Specific Collectibles By Type

Sniper Elite 5 - All Unlockable Starting Locations

Mission 9: Loose Ends is the final mission in the game and has got 0 starting locations

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