Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Collectible Locations: Secret Weapons

Hello and welcome to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles locations guide for Mission 7, Secret Weapons. Here we'll be helping you locate all Stone Eagles, Classified Documents, Workbenches, Personal Letters, and Hidden Items you're having a hard time getting your hands on via in-game pics and maps showing you exactly where these tricky collectibles are hiding.

Whether you're looking for the last stone eagle in a mission, some intel that you can't quite find or some other item that's you giving trouble, we've got the info you need to locate all Sniper Elite 5 collectibles.

We're on to the seventh mission now, so let's get started. There are 19 collectibles in Mission 7: Secret Weapons, broken down into 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Stone Eagles and 3 Workbenches, and we're going to guide you towards finding them all!

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Sniper Elite 5: Mission 7 - All Secret Weapons Collectibles Locations

Personal Letters

Personal Letters: We Had A Deal

You’ll find this first personal letter in the upstairs room of the trainyard office, as shown below. There’s also a safe in here to be blown open for the Inbound Deliveries document if you can’t find it elsewhere.

Personal Letters: I’m Done

At the abandoned house way out to the right of the map, you’ll need to climb up a pipe then shimmy round and up to reach the entry point to a building containing a dead Nazi and this letter.

Personal Letters: I Can’t Work Like This!

This personal letter can be found in the location we’ve marked on our map, near to the Rifle Workshop area. The item you are looking for is on a small table beside a big blue rocket that’s being built at the waterside.

Personal Letters: The V2s Are Obsolete!

In the control room from which you launch the sabotaged V2 late on in the mission, you’ll find this on a table by the entrance.

Personal Letters: Thinking Outside The Box

Take the spiral staircase in the centre of the main dome building right up to the top and you’ll find this on a table in the control room up here.

Classified Documents

Classified Documents: Inbound Deliveries

Head over to the trainyard in the location we’ve marked below and kill one of the guards patrolling the area in order to nab this document from his body.

Classified Documents: Dr Junger’s Schedule

You can find this document in a canvas tent in the area we’ve marked in our map. There are four guards chatting in here but you can get an easy quad kill by shooting an explosive cylinder that’s sat nearby them.

Classified Documents: A-4B Logistical Issues

This one is in the weapons room in the facility just east of the main dome objective, as shown below. Head into the room and swipe these documents from the main table.

Classified Documents: Intruder Sighted

This document can be grabbed off a soldier who you’ll find patrolling alone in the area we’ve marked on our map, we ziplined from the nearby castle to land right beside him.

Classified Documents: Pressurisation Report

This report can be found in the castle tower in the area pinpointed in our map. Make your way up to this room, there are a few different ways to enter, to grab this off the table here.

Hidden Items

Hidden Item: Peenemunde Lab ID

This lab ID is hidden well under a table in the underground area you can get to by taking the stairs down in the middle of the main dome room, as marked in our map below.

Hidden Item: Luftwaffe Playing Cards

You’ll find these cards in a small shack that’s right up at the dam in the north of the map, as we’ve marked out below. There’s quite a few guards up here but also an opportunity to take them all out at once quite explosively.

Hidden Item: Prufstand XII Plans

You’ll find this item under a bridge that’s off to the south east of the objective marker for sabotaging the capsule release hatch. Check our map for the exact location.

Stone Eagles

Stone Eagle #1

This one is really hard to see on a little outcrop of rock, which we’ve marked below in our map, beside the abandoned house art your exfil point. It takes a bit of finding and we also found it easiest to shoot it by standing on the road and aiming up.

Stone Eagle #2

Head right up to the dam at the very top north the level, as we've shown in our map. From here head to the round gun emplacement lookout where you can see our player icon below. Now aim into the funnels of water shooting out of the dam with your binocs and you'll soon pick out this extremely tricky stone eagle. Once you've tagged it with your binocs it's an easy shot but wow, how on earth are you gonna find this one without a little help?!

Stone Eagle #3

Another super tough one this. Head to the area we’ve marked in the south west of the map and focus on the large tower that dominates the courtyard. You need to look to the right side of this tower, as we’ve shown in our pics, to see this one quite low down in a nook. If you position yourself exactly where our player icon is in the map below you should have no problems picking it out with your binocs.


Rifle Workbench

Off to the west of the main dome building, you’ll find this one in a building right by the waterside, as pinpointed in our map. It should show up as a resistance rumour on your map when you’re in the general area.

SMG Workbench

In the underground area that you can reach by taking the spiral staircase down in the centre of the main dome, you’ll find this at the end of the corridor in a locked room that can be blown open if you don’t have the key from one of the nearby guards.

Pistol Workbench

At the start of the mission head out to the left until you come to a bridge headed towards a facility in this direction, as marked on our map. Look for the resistance sign on the side of the bridge and you should see a breakable wooden barrier hidden in the hillside opposite. Head in here to find this pistol bench.

And that's it for this collectibles guide. Make sure to head over to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles guide hub for collectible locations maps for the rest of the game's missions!