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Hello and welcome to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles locations guide for Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin. Here we'll be helping you locate all Stone Eagles, Classified Documents, Workbenches, Personal Letters, and Hidden Items you're having a hard time getting your hands on via in-game pics and maps showing you exactly where these tricky collectibles are hiding.

Whether you're looking for the last stone eagle in a mission, some intel that you can't quite find or some other item that's you giving trouble, we've got the info you need to locate all Sniper Elite 5 collectibles.

There are 19 collectibles in Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin broken down into 5 Personal Letters, 5 Classified Documents, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Stone Eagles and 3 Workbenches, and we're going to guide you towards finding them all!

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Sniper Elite 5: Mission 8 - All Rubble and Ruin Collectibles Locations

Personal Letters

Personal Letters: It’s Not Over Yet

On the ground floor of the hotel in the south east of town, you’ll find this letter on a table on the ground floor, just beside an exit point at a hole in the wall.

Personal Letters: Clean Out The Sewer

As soon as you enter the sewer area, look to your left to find this letter behind a wooden crate

Personal Letters: He’s Not The Sharpest

In the bombed out theatre that we’ve highlighted below, you’ll find a ladder up near the front of the building that you can use to get to a crate containing this letter.

Personal Letters: Your Man Talked

This one’s in a maze of bombed out buildings in the south west, as shown below. You can climb up a ladder into the building in question and then head downstairs where you’ll find a key to unlock the door you need to get through on the upper floor.

Personal Letters: Moller Is Moving

You’ll find this one on a table in the sea view offices to the south east, as shown below.

Classified Documents

Classified Documents: Secure Radio Lines

Right at the start of the mission you’ll encounter three Nazis in a small courtyard. This document is on a box sat to the left of this small area, as shown.

Classified Documents: Broken Resistance

Once you’ve moved into the level proper, and as indicated in our map, you’ll find this document outside a shop that’s directly ahead from the perch you arrive at once you’ve broken through from the resistance house to this main mission area. Watch soldiers in the rubble here and a sniper off to your left hand side in a tall building.

Classified Documents: Resistance Report

In the basement of a bookstore at the location we’ve marked on our map. You’ll need an interrogation room key to gain access to it without having to blow the doors off and make noise, and you can find the key on a nearby guard.

Classified Documents: Flagship Fuel Risks

In the hotel in the south east of the rubble zone, you’ll find this document in a safe on the second floor, there’s a key to the room in a chest in the same building and you can either get the code for the safe from a nearby guard or blow it open. It’s a noisy area so blowing it open didn’t alert any guards for us.

Classified Documents: Priority Pick Up

Inside the Resistance Café that doubles as an unlockable starting location out to the west of the mission map, you'll see a table leading up into an attic space, as shown in the pics below. Hop up onto the table and then into the attic to find this document on the floor.

Hidden Items

Hidden Items: Stolen Tanto

In the sewers you’ll see a locked room straight away that you need the sewer pump room key for, you’ll find this in a safe just a little further along and can then go back to open up a crate inside the pump room to nab this item.

Hidden Items: I-400 V2 Hanger

Once you reach the secret sub area towards the end of this mission, head upstairs and move along to the back offices along the catwalk, as pinpointed in our map, to find this collectible on a table.

Hidden Items: An Original Adolf

In the church, climb up to the second floor in order to find this painting hidden away in a corner.

Stone Eagles

Stone Eagle #1

Take a look at our map and pics below. This is a tight shot and you can take it from behind the sea office buildings indicated in our map. Find the red cart in our pic then scope in on the eagle which is sat way off in the distance behind it.

Stone Eagle #2

For this head to the location on our map where you can see our marker then look out towards the buildings in the distance, way off the map area. You should be able to make out the eagle fairly easily from here.

Stone Eagle #3

A nice easy one this, it’s sat above the entrance of the town hall, as marked out below. Simple!


Rifle Workbench

This bench is down in the sewers and should be marked on your map as a rumour by the time you’re down here. Blow the doors open on the armoury, or get the key from a crate just outside, to gain access to this one.

SMG Workbench

This workbench is out to the west of the map in a resistance hideout that will be flagged up on your map automatically as you explore. Head to the building we’ve pinpointed and then go upstairs, jumping the gap onto a ladder that takes you into the roof space where you’ll find the bench and a great sniping spot.

Pistol Workbench

You’ll need to work your way into the large church in the south of the map and unlock the crypt door then drop down to the secret resistance area to find this bench, as marked below. You can blow the door open on the crypt if you’ve yet to find the key.

And that's it for this collectibles guide. Make sure to head over to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles guide hub for collectible locations maps for the rest of the game's missions!