Talking Point: What 'Dream' Reveal Would You Like To See At The Xbox Games Showcase 2023

We're officially less than two weeks out from Microsoft's big Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event, and to be honest, we're starting to get very excited about what's to come. While Starfield and Forza Motorsport are Xbox's only confirmed games of the show so far, we know that the team has lots more to reveal on June 11.

Some of those other titles we already speculated on in March when Xbox first locked down the big date, but, back then we took a more conservative angle. We talked about some of what's most likely to show up next month, including Avowed, Hellblade 2 and Contraband.

However, we're now starting to get a bit giddy, and after PlayStation's middling showcase we've been thinking about the games that we'd absolutely love to show up - regardless of whether they even exist or not. You know, one of those real mic-drop moments that you can only get from a massive showcase like this.

One title that we absolutely can't wait to see in some form is 'BioShock 4', or whatever 2K will decide to call the damn thing. We've seen numerous reports of the game's existence in recent years and what it could look like, but we're still waiting for some official footage of the game - more than 10 years after Bioshock Infinite came out!

In terms of a complete pie in the sky Xbox reveal - we'd absolutely adore it if Microsoft decided to return to Project Gotham Racing. We've voiced our, concerns, about the future of Forza Horizon, so letting Playground have a go with PGR instead would be a dream come true - for this writer especially. Maybe one day Xbox will revive this amazing racer!

So, how about you? It doesn't matter if it's Xbox exclusive, third party or both; what dream reveals would you like to see during next month's Xbox Games Showcase event?

Make your dream game announcement for next month down in the comments section below!