We've not seen or heard much on Avowed since Obsidian revealed it to the world during Xbox's Games Showcase event back in 2020, but a new screenshot has been doing the rounds online that apparently shows an early build of the game. The image doesn't reveal much, but it does give us a fresh look at what Avowed is going for, assuming it's the real deal.

The development team hasn't confirmed its legitimacy just yet, but we have reason to believe it is real. Windows Central's Jez Corden says that the image has been out there since the summer, but the screenshot is from an older build of the game.

Avowed is Obsidian's next fantasy RPG that'll explore the world of 'Eora'. We still know very little about the upcoming Xbox exclusive — other than the fact that it'll launch on Xbox Game Pass — but given the team revealed it over two years ago now, we'd expect to see it again in an official capacity sometime soon.

What do you make of this in-development pic? Excited to see more of Avowed? Let us know!