The Next BioShock Will Be Open World

It's already been confirmed that developer Cloud Chamber will be helming the next BioShock entry, with a team comprised of series veterans. While we still don't have concrete details on what that experience will be, recently discovered job listings have found out some interesting details - most notably how the game will be an open world title.

As spotted by PCGamesN, numerous listings for various development roles have some key details buried within their descriptions, all of which suggest the game will be more open than previous entries. For starters, a senior writer position is seeking someone “who can weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open-world setting”. Not only that, but they will also be working on “brainstorming primary and secondary mission content with the design”, which seems to signal side missions will factor in.

Elsewhere, a video game AI programmer position is looking for someone who can assist on creating "a vision for a meaningful AI urban crowd system", which will work on "scripting crowd behaviour" and "help to push the envelope of what is possible with interactive crowd systems". This sounds like the next entry will be stepping away from the isolation of earlier titles and visiting something more akin to BioShock Infinite, which had a few areas filled with NPCs.

Each BioShock entry has dabbled in semi open-world design, as players traveled from one hub area to the next, but this sounds like the vision is being expanded to a fully explorable world, with an emphasis on building crowds. We still have no word on where the franchise is heading next outside of a "new, fantastical world", but these details have us excited for what's in store for the series' future.

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