xbox showcase

With the announcement of a date for Bethesda's upcoming Starfield Direct event, we also got confirmation on when Xbox's big summer conference lands in 2023. Yep, the annual Xbox Games Showcase hits on June 11th this year, and now that it's firmly marked in our calendars, we've begun thinking about what Xbox might show off.

Recent reports suggest that the next big Xbox games to launch after the planned 2023 lineup are Avowed and Hellblade 2. The former of those is still shrouded in secrecy at this stage, and we'd definitely appreciate more information on Obsidian's RPG at Xbox's summer show.

As for Hellblade 2, we're not sure what to expect there. Historically, Ninja Theory has brought this one to The Game Awards, so that may be the case again this year... who knows? Either way, we hope to see the final game sometime in 2024 and we certainly wouldn't be against a nice summer showing this year.

One title that'll almost certainly be shown off in June is more of the new Forza Motorsport - unless we hear about it beforehand. After January's Developer Direct failed to deliver a release date, we reckon Turn 10 needs to bring that info along this summer. We're very excited to see what the team has cooked up over the last six years or so anyway, and we shouldn't have much longer to wait!

Now, we'll throw in a final curveball here as a potential summer showcase title - Contraband. This Xbox + Avalanche Studios project was teased at the 2021 show and we still know basically nothing about it. Could 2023 be the year it reappears? We hope so to be honest, because we'd at least like to see the game in action.

Of all these upcoming Xbox titles we've just blabbered on about (not counting Starfield which is getting its own showcase), is there one you'd like to see most this summer? Do any of these stand out as big 2024 games to you, Forza aside?

Do vote in the poll down below, and if a different announced Xbox game is what you're really excited about, drop it in the comments!

Which Of These Xbox Games Do You Want To See Most At The Summer Showcase 2023? (274 votes)

  1. Avowed42%
  2. Hellblade 215%
  3. Forza Motorsport15%
  4. Contraband8%
  5. Other19%