Feature: Our Hopes And Predictions For The Game Awards 2022

Yep, it's that time of year again already! The Game Awards 2022 circus rolls into town later this week and, as per usual, we're certain to be in for some big announcements and surprises regarding upcoming games amidst all the important awards being handed out.

So, in time-honoured fashion, we've put together a quick list of games we're loosely predicting, and just straight-up hoping, we'll see in the mix when the show gets underway on Thursday, December 8th.

Let's take a gander at what we're looking forward to catching a glimpse of, and as always, remember to let us know what announcements you're hoping to see in the comments below!

1. Goldeneye 007 Xbox Game Pass release date

We finally got confirmation that the N64 classic GoldenEye 007 is making its way to Xbox Game Pass - sans online multiplayer - a little earlier this year, and now we just want to see this remaster in action in a gameplay trailer alongside a confirmed release date so we can start sweatily counting down the days. It may not be the leaked XBLA remaster that does include online multiplayer, but the raft of new features and upgrades this upcoming version is packing has still got us excited to finally dive back into 007's finest video game outing.

2. Our first look at Tekken 8 gameplay footage

There's been a few things happening recently that lead us to believe the next instalment of the legendary fighting series may well be on show at this year's Game Awards. Select influencers have reportedly been receiving Tekken 8 swag with a note to tune into the awards, which is certainly a pretty good indicator we're gonna see something.

There's also been a potential leak of the official character roster, as well as reports that Tekken 8 was actually partially installable on Xbox recently, with one user starting a download of a file related to the game. Perhaps Bandai Namco is prepping for something in the very near future? We shall see.

3. Hellblade 2 gets some love from Xbox Game Studios

We've already had Hellblade 2 pop up at both the 2019 and 2021 TGA's, so it stands to reason we should be in for some further information on the highly anticipated follow-up to Senua's original journey. We're not sure we'll see a release date realistically, but we're 100% onboard for some new gameplay footage and information.

4. Diablo 4 unveils its June 2023 launch date

We're well aware that Diablo 4 is on the way and in a playable state, with closed playtests already having taken place at Blizzard HQ. Just recently, the Microsoft Store appeared to leak a June 2023 release date for Diablo 4, suggesting this will be announced at The Game Awards 2022. It seems as though pre-orders will go live this Thursday, and here's hoping we'll get a new gameplay trailer and more details as well.

5. Elden Ring finally gives us a DLC announcement

One of the absolute highlights of 2022, we've scoured every inch of The Lands Between in the hundreds of hours we've now spent with FromSoftware's stellar adventure, so now we're hungry for more. The free "Colosseum" update this week is a fantastic start, but surely it's about time for a huge expansion?

A great big helping of Elden Ring DLC would go down a treat right now, and seeing as this RPG and the TGAs have some history, it would seem only fitting that we get our first official info drops about the nature of any major upcoming DLC during the show. In fact, if we were FromSotware we'd just stealth drop the entire DLC during the show. Yep, it needs to happen, don't let us down, guys.

6. First glimpse at Alan Wake 2 gameplay

Everyone's favourite writer was confirmed to be returning in Alan Wake 2 at the 2021 Game Awards event, and with the game skipping the summer events earlier this year, it may well be that we're gonna get our first proper glimpse of this highly anticipated sequel at The Game Awards 2022. Remedy has commented that the game is on-track for a 2023 release, so now is the time to drop some further deets, guys!

7. Street Fighter 6 nails down specific 2023 release date

It's already had a successful closed beta, so surely a full launch is just around the corner now! Yes, we know Street Fighter 6 is close, but could The Game Awards 2022 finally give us a confirmed release date for the next entry in Capcom's legendary franchise? Here's to keeping every bendable part of our bodies crossed in anticipation of some further news on Ryu and co.

8. Is it finally time for the Avowed reveal?

We've been waiting for over two years now to see anything new of Obsidian's RPG Avowed, and outside of a low-quality leaked screenshot, it's all been very quiet. There were suggestions that the game might show up at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, but that unfortunately didn't end up being the case.

Is it finally now time for a re-reveal? There were suggestions a while ago that the game might have been targeting a 2023 release, and while that doesn't seem particularly likely anymore, we'd love for a surprise gameplay reveal and launch date announcement at the The Game Awards 2022!

9. Bethesda announces new launch dates for Starfield / Redfall

Two of the big hitters for next year on Xbox, we know Starfield and Redfall are on course for sometime in 2023, so The Game Awards 2022 seems like a perfect opportunity to drop some big news and give us Xbox fans some concrete dates to get overexcited about. We've had trailers and gameplay, we've had postponements and delays, it's time to let us all know when exactly we can expect to get our hands on these highly anticipated exclusives.

10. Something juicy from Hideo Kojima

He's Geoff's best pal and he's working on something with Xbox Game Studios. Yes, Hideo Kojima is a regular fixture at The Game Awards and we've got our fingers, legs, toes and other parts of our bodies crossed that he's gonna take to the stage and serve us up something juicy come Thursday night. Come on, Hideo, give your Xbox pals something to scream at the TV about this weekend.

We already know he's working with Elle Fanning on an upcoming game project, but is it coming to Xbox? We have no idea just now, but hopefully we're in for some news over the next few days.

What do you make of our predictions for The Game Awards 2022? Got some predictions or hopes of your own you'd like to share? Hit us up in the comments!