Woah. It was around four years ago that we first laid eyes on around 30 minutes of footage from the cancelled 2007 remake / remaster of classic shooter GoldenEye 007, and now the entire thing has leaked on YouTube.

The footage comes courtesy of a YouTuber called Graslu00, who notes that they can't say where they got it from, but "patience is key", and they're "told it'll be released in 2021" - although it appears they're most likely referring to the files for the game rather than an actual official release (which seems highly unlikely now).

If you haven't been following, this version of GoldenEye 007 was reportedly made back in 2007 for a special 10th anniversary celebration on Xbox Live Arcade, but rights issues ultimately appeared to block its release.

Following the most recent footage leak back in 2016, Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented on a question about the video by stating, "GoldenEye has always been a rights issue, not a 'getting code to run' issue."

What do you make of the footage? Do you wish this had released? Let us know down below.

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