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As we've mentioned elsewhere on Pure Xbox, GoldenEye 007 won't be getting online multiplayer on Xbox when it hits Game Pass in the near future, and a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed this in a statement earlier today.

Here's the statement in full, which was provided to Video Games Chronicle:

“Xbox is excited to bring GoldenEye 007 to Xbox Game Pass for the very first time – a faithful recreation of a much-loved and iconic title."

“While there are no plans to include online multiplayer as part of GoldenEye 007 on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox is focused on bringing this title to players in the way they fondly remember, including local multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to take to the couch in a battle of wits and skill.”

So, there you have it. Unfortunately, online multiplayer won't be included in GoldenEye 007 when it arrives on Xbox Game Pass, and it sounds like it won't be getting patched into the game at a later date either. Local multiplayer it is, then!

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