We've got some news on Alan Wake 2! Remedy Entertainment has been talking about the 2023 project in a new video on YouTube today, commenting on the progress of development as well as sharing some brand-new concept art.

So what do we know? Remedy's Sam Lake says that "everything is going really well" on the game right now, and a large part of it is playable, but we won't be seeing any of it this summer as he wants the team to be able to focus:

"Everything is going really well. A great deal of the game is playable. But, we've been talking the past couple of months and we've come to a decision that we will not be showing anything big this summer.

We want to make sure that we are creating the best possible experience, the best first survival-horror game from Remedy. We don't want to pull the team away from that focus to work on a demo right now."

Despite the fact we won't be seeing any gameplay this summer, the video does at least include a handful of concept art images that indicate the style that Remedy is going for, and as you can see below, they're leaning into the horror.

Look out for more details on Alan Wake 2 nearer to release - maybe later this year, maybe not.

"This story is a monster. And monsters wear many faces. The writer returns in Alan Wake 2."

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