Kojima Shares Snaps Of Phil Spencer & Co. Visiting During Tokyo Game Show Week

We've known for a good while now that Xbox and Kojima Productions are finally working together on a new project, and it seems that the two parties have become quite friendly in recent times as well. Various members of team Xbox have visited the Japanese studio since, and it looks like a friendly stop was in order during Tokyo Game Show 2023.

Yep, Kojima has taken to Twitter once again to share some snaps of Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, Aaron Greenberg and more of the Xbox team visiting the 'Kanda Myojin Shrine'. We're not jealous at all...

We'd imagine that, aside from some lovely sightseeing, the two teams likely discussed their upcoming project as Xbox continues to push for more Japanese content on the platform. Getting Kojima & co. on board is certainly a big move in that direction!

Moves are being made elsewhere too. Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show 2023 broadcast may have missed out on anything from Kojima, but it was jam-packed with announcements, including a few brand-new Xbox Game Pass reveals! Read all about the show down below.

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