Kojima Productions Seems Busy Hosting Team Xbox This Week

We still know very little about Hideo Kojima's upcoming Xbox project, but the team is certainly still working on it, as is evidenced by Microsoft's frequent trips to the Japanese developer. As it turns out, another chunk of Team Xbox has been over there this week.

Posting on Twitter, Kojima himself welcomed Microsoft's marketing team as the two companies continue to collaborate on the upcoming project.

All we really know about the Kojima Productions title is that it's "leveraging the cloud" and will be something very different, with the initial announcement claiming that it's "a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced before".

We'd love to see some actual updates on the game's concept, or even some footage perhaps, but this project seems early on right now at the Japanese studio. In the meantime, the team is also working on a Death Stranding sequel with PlayStation.

What do you think this game will actually look like? Drop your ideas down below.