Xbox Team Visits Kojima Productions To Kick Off 'Exciting Journey Ahead'

One Xbox project that remains shrouded in mystery is the team's upcoming collaboration with Kojima Productions, of course headed up by famous developer Hideo Kojima. We know it's coming, we know it involves 'the cloud' in some fashion, but beyond that we've been largely left in the dark so far.

As you'd expect, the team at Xbox should know a lot more than we do, especially following a recent visit to Kojima Productions HQ. Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has posted about this visit, which happens to be the publishing team's first visit to Kojima's offices.

This is great to see, especially when it comes to reassuring us all that this project is still moving forward. However, it's perhaps best not to expect this game to launch very soon. Greenberg says this visit will "kick-off an exciting journey ahead", hinting that plenty of development is still needed to bring Kojima's Xbox project to life.

That's fine by us - when you get Kojima on board for something you give him the time he and his team needs to build something great. In the meantime we'd love one of those Xbox meets Kojima Productions hoodies though - they look amazing!

Are you excited for what Kojima will bring to Xbox? Let us know your thoughts on the project down below.