Reaction: Death Stranding's Reception Makes Us Very Excited For Kojima + Xbox

So, it's really happening folks. Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's latest game, is coming Xbox Game Pass for PC. Sadly, we likely won't ever see an Xbox port for this one (on console it's published by Sony), but the news of its PC Game Pass arrival is getting us real excited for Kojima's proper Xbox project.

Back in June, we got official confirmation that Kojima Productions is working with Xbox on a new game. It'll leverage the cloud in some fashion, but beyond that, we really have no idea how this project will take shape. However, given Death Stranding's standout success, we're not really worried about what 'type' of game it'll be.

In the run up to Death Stranding's initial launch, in typical Kojima fashion, we saw plenty of downright bizarre promos and trailers about the team's upcoming project. For months no-one really knew what Death Stranding actually was, even when attempts were made to try and explain it.

When it did eventually launch in 2019, as it turns out, it ended up being a 20+ hour delivery simulator about big backpacks and even bigger ladders. Yeah, there's a lot more to it than that when you really get into the weeds, but boiling it down, Death Stranding is a 'walking simulator' on steroids, with huge production values and a lengthier runtime.

We typically see some reservation whenever a game has 'cloud-based' attached to it - hell, we're all still a little bit scarred from Crackdown 3's attempts to utilise the cloud. However, given Kojima's track record at turning bizarre ideas into very good games, we have no doubt that his Xbox project will come good.

For now, we've just got to play the waiting game. June's announcement post seemed to insinuate that this one is still in its incubation phase, meaning we probably won't get to play it for a number of years. When the trailers begin rolling in closer to launch though, don't expect to understand what the hell's going on. It still might be a tad confusing after you've played it!

In the meantime though, if you have a decent enough PC, maybe giving Death Stranding a whirl will prepare you for what's next. Or maybe not? Either way, it's a very good get for the PC Game Pass library.

Will you be playing Death Stranding on Game Pass? Do let us know!