Xbox Exec Says If Starfield Released Today It'd Have 'The Fewest Bugs' Of Any Bethesda Game

Starfield suffered a major delay last year, when Xbox and Bethesda opted to shift the game from its previous late 2022 release date to sometime in 2023. Of course, we now know that the new launch date is September 6th, and it sounds like everyone at Xbox has been all-in on making sure it's ready to go.

Speaking to GiantBomb in a sit-down interview after the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft's Matt Booty made a big, bold claim about Starfield compared to other Bethesda launches.

"Working with Todd and the team, I see bug counts and I'll just say that — by the numbers — if it [Starfield] shipped today this would have the fewest bugs of any game Bethesda has ever shipped with... and we've got more time to go"

While the bar might not be incredibly high here (Bethesda has suffered through numerous buggy launches in the past), it's still good to hear this directly from Xbox. The delay was obviously a joint decision and if we're going off the footage from Bethesda's huge Starfield Direct, the decision to postpone the release last year was the correct one.

We'll know how the game ultimately shapes up in less than three months, when Starfield hits Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass on September 6, 2023.

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