343 Industries: Halo Infinite's 'Consistency' Has Improved, But 'Quality' Needs More Work

Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection finally arrives this week on June 20th, and ahead of that date, the game's Head of Live Service has had some interesting comments to share about the future of Halo Infinite's overall development.

Speaking to Xbox Wire, Sean Baron explained that he believes Halo Infinite's "Consistency" has improved significantly since launch, pointing out that Season 4 marks the "third straight on-time release" for Halo Infinite's Live Service team.

"We still have plenty of room to improve — we’ll always be working to find new ways of improving and ensuring the predictability of the service. But I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made there and looking forward to making it four in a row with Season 5 later this year.”

Baron went on to highlight that his team focuses on the "Player Experience Goals" of Consistency, Satisfaction and Quality, and while he's pretty happy with the first two, it's the latter that requires more improvements moving forward.

“Where we need to start showing more noteworthy improvements is with Quality. Both technical and experiential Quality. My hope is that over the next few releases and updates we’ll start seeing Quality make the same types of jumps that we’ve seen with Consistency and Satisfaction.”

From our perspective here at Pure Xbox, it's good to know that 343 Industries is still dedicated to making sure Halo Infinite's live service elements are significantly improved compared to where they were in late 2021 and 2022, and we're certainly looking forward to seeing what Season 4: Infection brings to the table over the next few days.

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