Redfall Dev Reveals Sadness Over 'Mean Spirited' Feedback From Peers

It's fair to say last week's launch of Redfall on Xbox Game Pass didn't go quite the way anyone had hoped it would, and therefore there was a lot of negativity floating around the various Xbox communities following the game's release.

Something that particularly shocked a Senior 2D Artist on Redfall, however, was the "mean spirited" feedback from their peers, friends, and/or colleagues. Here's what Arkane dev Sadie Boyd had to say about the situation:

Obviously we totally sympathise with Sadie here, and it's definitely disheartening to learn that the mixed response to the game's launch was apparently being "openly mocked" by her own peers.

She went on to state that although she's trying to keep positive, it's not always easy:

"I try to keep things positive, I really do. But I am human, I have feelings."

"Seeing people I looked up to saying things like ‘They deserved this’ ‘Now their resumes are tainted lol’ ‘what f**king idiots’ etc have, truthfully, been the only things to bother me."

These couple of tweets have already racked up around 1.7 million views between them, so they've certainly made a big impact over the past few days (as well as making headlines!). Here's hoping Sadie and her team will have the last laugh in the future, with Redfall hopefully set to improve significantly over the next few months and beyond.

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