Redfall Dev Says The Team Is 'Continuing To Improve' The Xbox Title

Redfall has gotten off to a rocky start on Xbox Game Pass so far - evidenced by a substantial amount of glitches already circulating online and on social media. However, the team at Arkane is seemingly already working on improving the shape of the game on Xbox and PC.

Arkane Studios animator Christian Orellana has taken to Twitter to share his pride at seeing Redfall on store shelves, while also committing to "improve" on the state of the game at launch.

"It's always worth it once you see the game in shelves.

I joined a little late on the project, but I loved ever minute of it. I love this team and we're proud of what we've produced.

May have had a rocky start, but we're continuing to improve on it."

We don't have any specifics on these improvements right now, but we'd hazard a guess that the team is already working on getting the game running at 60FPS. Much has been said about Arkane's decision to launch at 30FPS on console, so we'd imagine that's high on the priority list right now.

Having said that, there are other areas of the game that certainly could do with polishing up too, and we hope that the team can improve its Redfall experience in the coming weeks and months.

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